We highly recommend to read the book Quantum Angel Healing

To prepare for a private QAH-session it is helpful – but NOT required – to clear your own energy field. Before you use any tool of clearing negative energies, we recommend to call forth your angels and ascended masters who will support the process.

1) Sage, Cedar, Copal & Sweetgrass (Shamanism)
Sage, Cedar, Copal & Sweetgrass are Native American sacred herbs collected and burned by the shamans of North America. Their use is as ancient as our use of fire. For as the shamans learned to control fire, they found that certain plants and resins, when burned, would produce magical benefits, such as: visions of past, present and future events, attraction of beneficial spirits, blessings of higher deities, removal of negative elements and forces and the promotion of physical & spiritual healing. Benefits of Possessing & Burning Herbs:

  • Desert Sage: purification, cleansing, removes negative elements, spirit chaser
  • Cedar: aids in healing, protection, attracts animal spirits, spirit catcher
  • Copal: purification before rituals, removes negative spirits & vibrations, healing
  • Sweetgrass: clearing before group rituals, ceremonies & gatherings
  • Lavender: improves communication & concentration, clears your light body
  • White Sage: protection, healing, powerful deep meditation. You can smudge/clear a room or a person by burning white sage.

2) The Burning Pot (Egyptian Mystery Schools / Order of Melchizedek)
We recommend to put a metal plate in the center of the room on which is a little metal pot. You put a quarter of an inch of Epsom salt into the pot. When you want to begin the clearing ceremony, you pour no more than half an inch of rubbing alcohol over the Epsom salt and throw a burning match into the rubbing alcohol. For about five minutes it will burn up all the etheric, astral and mental energy in the room.

3) Divine Alchemy – The Violet Flame (Egyptian Mystery Schools / Order of Melchizedek)

The Violet Flame is the gift of the Ascended Master St. Germain given us now during this time of change. The Violet flame can:

  • cleanse, purify, transmute, erase, release, dissolve, change vibratory action * harmoniously change and transmute wrong conditions – transmute and redeem all that is less than perfect or not in Divine Order – cleanse the force-fields of the electrons composing the atom which then produces a change in the vibratory action and rate – resulting in Divine Alchemy – erase karma for it can transmute the discordantly mis-qualified energy of this lifetime and all previous ones
  • redeem all misqualified energy of all kinds from past, present and future
  • change the vibratory action making discord or wrong qualities non-existent
  • change the vibratory action and consistency of qualities of a wrong nature in our bodies and physical body, too, including our blood
  • when used sufficiently erase from our lifestream all that is not of the Light that has accumulated, and in particular clear our subconscious mind
  • dissolve human creation of wrong thought and feeling, the causes of disease
  • therefore alleviate and prevent suffering by transmuting and balancing mis-qualified energies in our mental and motional/feeling worlds before they manifest in the physical * dissolve accumulation of the ages which is around our human form and causes limitation, thus unlocking the frozen light in our cells
  • transmute distress, irritation, anger, lack, limitations, bad habits, disease beliefs, negative programming and conditioning, imperfect etheris records, causes, cores, memories known or hidden, and effects – transmute not only the discord but also the record – the account from the past – otherwise the record will draw the same quality to it again.

Start your day with the Divine Ascension Decree

To use the violet flame: As the I AM that I AM, I call forth my personal angels and the spiritual hierarchy, I call forth the Ascended Master St. Germain and the violet flame. I Call on the Law of Forgiveness for myself and all humanity for all mistakes, misqualified energy & straying from the light. (Visualize the violet flame burning through and around you). I ask to keep this flame sustained and continuously all-powerfully active. I ask to replace all released with pure substance, Light & Divine Plan fulfilled.

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