Eva-Maria Mora is the founder of Children of the Light (, a charity organization in Germany supporting children with ADHD (Attention Deficit Disorder with Hyperactivity) While writing her book Quantum Angel Children (2008) she received the divine assignment to organize the children of the light conferences. This first conference took place in 2010, the second international conference took place in July, 2012. It was a very special, love filled event in Frankfurt, Germany. All speakers, artists and helpers were volunteers.

The proceeds of this conference was used a 100% to support childrenĀ“s projects. The intention is to give children a platform were they can express their ideas and show parents alternatives of how to raise their children, without medication, psychiatric hospitals etc. The charity and the conference provides a platform, so children can be heard, understood and supported. The children of the light are here to change this world for the better, if we let them.

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