Quantum Angel Healing (Private phone sessions NOT available)

Eva-Maria Mora
Eva-Maria Mora

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*Please note: We currently have a longer waiting list, so please send an email. Ask for the next available appointment, name the city and your time zone, and please let us know what you need help with *.

Eva-Maria is a clairvoyant, clairaudient medical intuitive and medium. During your private QAH-phone session she will connect with the highest realms of the Angels and Archangels to answer your questions. You will understand the reasons for everything, that is going on in your own life and that of your loved ones, including your animals. With the help of the Angels Eva-Maria will identify the beliefsystems, patterns and programs which caused a possible difficult life situation or an illness on a quantum level. Through applied energy work on the highest level, the Angels are able to transform the true cause of a possible problem and core program. They will change the divine matrix and restore health and balance by applying the “Angelic Healing Formula”. You will be able to feel this and experience immediate results during your Quantum Angel Healing phone session.

The energy exchange for a 60 min. private phone session with Eva-Maria is 333.00 US dollar.
If this if your first session with us, you will be receiving the gift of an additional 30 minutes, so please plan your time accordingly.

Please mention in your comment section if this is your first session with Eva-Maria. Submit your phone number, Eva-Maria will call you at the time of your confirmed appointment, due to high demand we currently have a longer waiting list.This is for US and European customers only. For other countries, the customer will call the phone number, that we will send you in an email after the appointment is confirmed. Please check your email for details on scheduling your appointment.


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