Eva-Maria Mora

Eva-Maria Mora
Eva-Maria Mora

Eva-Maria is a medical intuitive with an MBA, who has left the corporate world in Europe to fulfill her life´s mission. She is a Personal Coach and founder of an International training academy for energy medicine. She holds a degree in Psychotherapy and is a State Certified Healing Practitioner. Her mission includes to support self empowerment for women, children and minorities.

Eva-Maria Mora is a bestselling author with Random House Europe and founder of “Cosmic Recoding” and “Quantum-Angel-Healing”. Together with her husband Michael, she has written the book “Quantum Angel Love”, a new approach to relationships, including the application of the Law of Attraction for personal and business relationships. Her book “Quantum Angel Children” is a supportive and educational tool for parents, teachers and educators to help children labeled with ADHD and autism. It is a helpful guide for parents and teachers, on how to understand, raise and educate the new generation of gifted children.
Her book “Activating your Divine Power” is a guide in awareness training and becoming a conscious creator of your own world.
The bestselling book “Cosmic Recoding” (2015) offers a fast and powerful way to resolve universal success and health issues. Through Recoding of stored information on a cellular level, fundamental change and transformation is possible in a fast and effective way. This translates to personal success as well to success for organizations and businesses.
Her latest book “Medium between heaven and earth” (2016) is a number one bestseller on amazon. It has inspired thousands of people how to safely practice their intuitive gifts. The book is a practical tool with many exercises, showing how to live as a sensitive, gifted person in today´s challenging world.

Eva-Maria teaches worldwide. Depending on her busy teaching and writing schedule, she is available for private consultations and healing treatments. Her counseling practice with clients in all fifty states and more than 30 countries worldwide is booked out months in advance.

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